Roller Shutters and Security Grilles & Gates

We are experts in the field of locksmith in shops and commercial centers.

We offer installation service and advice on safety closings -iron shutters, grilles and gates- in order to protect businesses, premises, homes and industries.

Not only work with padlocks and locks, but with roller shutters, security grilles and gates, collapsible gates, panels and simple and hydraulic arms, among others. Install from scratch roller shutters, security grilles and gates, roller shutter motors, sliding and swing doors, etc.. We do repairs and maintenance of all types of doors and metal shutters and ironwork for them.

We have technical expertise to provide quality service, fast and professional, on rush repairs and new installations.

BCN Locksmith's  makes life easier. Avoid unnecessary stress and motorice and install automatic blinds and shutters in your home or business.

Increase the safety of iron shutters with padlocks, locking devices and locks.

We also do repair and maintenance of sliding and folding doors.


Roller shutter without inside vision prepared and installed by BCN Locksmith's


Iron Shutters

Galvanized iron shutters custom made, highly secured and with manual or automatic operation.

We have a wide range of models: flat blade, perforated blade -for ventilation-, tube & link or brick-bond  slotted -for locals who need to show the interior- or a combination of blades as needed.

We have qualified technicians to repair all types of blinds and closures of premises.

Quality service, fast and professional.


Roller shutter with inside vision prepared and produced by BCN Locksmith's.


Collapsible Gates

The collapsible gates are an extensible and articulated closing security system of robust construction to suit any gaps, which make them an ideal system of security for homes and businesses.

His drive is comfortable and lightweight. You can choose between different models, depending on your needs: fixed, one or two leaves, hinged swivel and fliptop.

Comfort and safety in one product.


Motorized shutters and blinds

Repair or new installation of roller shutters and blinds motor.

BCN Locksmith's makes life easier. Avoid unnecessary stress and motorice or install automatic blinds and roller shutters in your home or business.

RUSH service for repairs.


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